Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Rules For Weight loss

1. Cut carbs---carbs turn to sugar in the body and then to fat--who needs em? okay so carbs are in almost everything so its near impossible to cut them completely...but stay away from bread/potato's/flour/and starchy foods.

2. Low Calorie---No matter how much you exercise, if you're eating excess calories it will lead to weight gain, restrict calories to a healthy amount, i eat 1200 a day 1500 if i get plenty of exercise that day.

3. Cut sugar---This is an obvious one, sugar is Bad..but like carbs is found in most things, so you have to check labels and make sure what you eat is low in sugar--natural sugar found in fruit is enough for the body, we don't need all the extra sugar hiding in everything else. DONT eat sugar free foods!..most still contain sugar alcohol and other sugar flavored chemicals (just not good for the body) No diet sodas

4. Lots of healthy protein---Eggs, Turkey, Chicken, Fish

5. Lots of water---you've probably heard it said before, but sometimes your body really does think it's hungry when it's really just thirsty, drink lots of water, it flushes out all the toxins from the body and keeps your organs healthy.

6. Exercise--another obvious one--but important for overall health

7.  Don't get bored--boredom leads to eating when your not hungry alot of times (at least for me) so stay busy, find things to do.

8. Have healthy snacks ready--i snack on celery, sliced cucumbers, apple slices etc

9. NO CHEAT DAYS--don't allow yourself days to just eat whatever junk you feel like eating, because at the end of the day who are you cheating? It's your life, why would you want to cheat yourself? It's not worth it..YES there will always be days when you mess up a little and eat things you shouldn' big deal tomorrows another day, you can get back on track....but don't plan to mess up, cheat days are just a pointless way to undo your hard work and set you off track.

10. No Excuses---Don't make excuses for yourself

11. Avoid eating out--even a salad at a restaurant can be very high in fat and calories, when they load it with croutons, dressing and cheese...i just avoid eating out all together, but if i do grilled chicken or baked fish are good choices

weigh in

Lost another 4.4 lbs this week bringing my weight down to  
252.2 lbs....i realize this isn't much of an interesting blog, its just basically a place for me to track my weight, i will post an updated progress pic soon, im still re-decorating my new house and spend most days recently covered in paint, looking a complete mess :) the weightloss is going well though, im eating more and still losing weight every week because im burning so many calories painting, cleaning, moving furniture etc everyday.

if i lose 2.2 more lbs it will mean ive lost 100 lbs hopefully by next week...thats awesome, 100 lbs is like a excited to keep losing and get under 200 lbs by new years, i think i can do it...just 53 lbs to go to have my weight star with a 1 instead of a 2.

can't wait:)

Thursday, July 14, 2011


This week i lost another 4 lbs now im down to 256.6 lbs
total weight loss so far 93.4 lbs
im pretty happy about it.
I weighed 256.6 in 10th grade, and graduated high school weighing 40lbs more than that.
im 6 lbs away from having a 100 lbs loss
and 57 lbs away from being under 200 lbs

Ive lost more in the last 2 weeks than i did all of last month.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Weigh in + Ramble :)

I weighed myself this morning and this week i've lost 6 a GREAT start to This month...Im pretty happy about it, i now weigh 260.8 lbs ....only 1.8 lbs away from being in the 50's, Ive been MIA lately and the reason is that i have just bought a new house and ive been busy working all day long on it, painting, moving furniture, cleaning etc and thats probably what i can attribute the big loss this week to. I must be burning a ton of calories painting everyday, because by the end of the day im exhausted. My life right now is pretty chaotic and stressfull, moving is so stressfull, i know that im a stress eater so i  have been keeping that in mind and thinking before i eat, making healthy options, Im glad im back on track because for a week towards the end of last month i was struggling, i went off track for one day and ate cake and sandwiches and it took me almost a week to get back on track. It's hard to get back on track after going off and gaining a pound or 2 but im feeling confident again that i can lose the rest of this weight and get where i want to be by new years.
Ive lost 89.2 lbs so far...that's crazy...:)

Friday, July 01, 2011


Well i didn't do a weigh in on Tuesday and that's because...this whole week was rubbish, i didn't exercise, i went to 2 birthday parties and ate junk at both, not alot but still not what I'd call healthy food cake, ice cream, sandwiches etc...when you know you've eaten badly and not exercised it's hard to step on the scale, i was dredding it thinking i would have gained 10lbs or something, but when i finally did get on the scale this morning i saw i had neither gained nor this week i didn't lose any weight, i still weight 266 lbs same as last week.

This month i lost 12 lbs
some people would say that is good, i think it's OK...not as good as it would have been if i had not been lazy and walked more, and i definitely would of lost more if i hadn't eaten chocolate cake and party platter type food a couple of times. But I'm 12 lbs lighter than i was last it's all good

This month my goal is the same as my failed goal of last month, to exercise EVERY day and to eat low calorie, low fat, no carbs, no sugar, high protein foods. Doesn't sound easy and it's not easy, but it's do-able.

My overall goal is still to be under 200lbs by new years, somewhere in the 180-185 lbs range. and that's definitely attainable since there's still 6 months left.

My weigh-in days for this month fall on Thursdays, so this Thursday will be my first weigh in of this month, hopefully a good one, I'm planning to go walking tomorrow morning and I've got all my meals planned for this week, (which i haven't done before) mostly consisting of Tyson's grilled chicken breasts, salad, eggs, steak strips, and some fruits n veg....

Monday, June 27, 2011

I have to admit....

Today i went to my friends birthday party, and after months of no sugar, no carbs, no fat, no to anything tasty, i ate half a Cuban sandwich and half  of a glazed donut. It doesn't sound like a big deal, but the internal battle was huge. "half a donut is 5 grams of sugar, 5 grams is not too bad for a whole day" that was how i talked myself into it...I have to say it was delicious the best thing I've eaten in months, and i don't care if i don't lose 1lb this week it was worth it,.not too long ago i would have eaten the full sandwich and a big piece of cake with more sugar in it than 5 donuts.....anyways i don't feel guilty about breaking my no carb no sugar rule for today, because when most people eat low sugar and low carb they just eat less of them... i have been eating near to  no carbs and sugar and that's a very hard thing to do, everything has carbs and sugar, even things that you wouldn't think of..

I haven't been doing much walking lately and though I'm not gaining any weight, I'm also not losing any...It's way too early for me to be maintaining my weight, but I'm glad i can maintain without gaining...Im so glad June is almost over and July is a new month and fresh start, this month has been really stressful for me and I'm ready to be done with it.

I spent all of the last few days painting, we have been painting every wall in the house, not sure how many calories painting burns, but my arms and legs are killing me.
It's rainy season here in Florida and it's been raining everyday lately, I'm hoping i get to walk tomorrow before the afternoon rain storms that we seem to get everyday.
only 4 days left of this month and i want at least lose a few lbs before starting July.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Blog & Ramble

So i deleted my old blog and started this new one. I decided i didn't have time for a blog and i was just going to delete it and not have one, but i still want to keep track of my weight loss, progress etc...i think having a blog helped me in losing to first 84 lbs of weight because i had something to keep me on track. 

I have so many things going on in my life right now, so many time consuming things,  i don't know how often i will be able to blog, but i will Always do my weekly weigh-ins. My weigh-in for last week was only 2 lbs which is one of the lowest amounts i have ever lost in a week since i started, I think it's because the week before i lost 6 lbs and whenever i have a big loss the following week is always a small loss, that's just the way my body works. I'm hoping i have a Big loss this week since it's the last week in June. I was hoping to lose 20lbs this month but unless i lose 8lbs this week, that won't happen. 

I have changed my eating a little bit, i don't eat carbs or sugar, and everything i eat is low fat and low calorie, i have been eating alot of lean high protein meats like fish, chicken, and eggs, lots of vegetables and snacking on things like mixed nuts. I actually feel fuller on alot less calories eating this way, and my bodies getting all the vitamins it needs.  As far as exercising goes, and another reason i had a small loss last week, i haven't been walking everyday, i think i only walked about 3 miles all of last week and usually i do at least 14 miles a week (2 miles a day, everyday)....which mainly is just because i was having a bad week, one of those weeks where everyday seems to get worse than the day before and everything that can go wrong does. I need to get back into the routine of making time to walk everyday. 

I do believe that Losing weight MOSTLY depends on diet not exercise because you can workout for hours and eat those calories you burned in one meal, It's very hard to create a caloric deficit if your eating too many calories a day. most overweight people can't burn 1700-2000 calories a day, so losing a pound a day like on "the biggest loser" isn't achievable unless your exercising all day long.  So for me eating 1200 calories a day (of good highly nutritional food ) and getting plenty of exercise works. 

I have to remind myself that losing 84lbs is alot, because i still have so far to go, i don't really give myself credit for the first 80lbs, i think i will appreciate losing the next 80 more, because that will be the 80lbs that gets me into a normal healthier size weight. But i've come along way in a short time from where i was 84lbs ago and i just want to keep going. :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Weekly Weigh In

Last Week---268.0 lbs
This Week---266.0 lbs
Weight Lost  2 lbs