Friday, July 01, 2011


Well i didn't do a weigh in on Tuesday and that's because...this whole week was rubbish, i didn't exercise, i went to 2 birthday parties and ate junk at both, not alot but still not what I'd call healthy food cake, ice cream, sandwiches etc...when you know you've eaten badly and not exercised it's hard to step on the scale, i was dredding it thinking i would have gained 10lbs or something, but when i finally did get on the scale this morning i saw i had neither gained nor this week i didn't lose any weight, i still weight 266 lbs same as last week.

This month i lost 12 lbs
some people would say that is good, i think it's OK...not as good as it would have been if i had not been lazy and walked more, and i definitely would of lost more if i hadn't eaten chocolate cake and party platter type food a couple of times. But I'm 12 lbs lighter than i was last it's all good

This month my goal is the same as my failed goal of last month, to exercise EVERY day and to eat low calorie, low fat, no carbs, no sugar, high protein foods. Doesn't sound easy and it's not easy, but it's do-able.

My overall goal is still to be under 200lbs by new years, somewhere in the 180-185 lbs range. and that's definitely attainable since there's still 6 months left.

My weigh-in days for this month fall on Thursdays, so this Thursday will be my first weigh in of this month, hopefully a good one, I'm planning to go walking tomorrow morning and I've got all my meals planned for this week, (which i haven't done before) mostly consisting of Tyson's grilled chicken breasts, salad, eggs, steak strips, and some fruits n veg....

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