Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Blog & Ramble

So i deleted my old blog and started this new one. I decided i didn't have time for a blog and i was just going to delete it and not have one, but i still want to keep track of my weight loss, progress etc...i think having a blog helped me in losing to first 84 lbs of weight because i had something to keep me on track. 

I have so many things going on in my life right now, so many time consuming things,  i don't know how often i will be able to blog, but i will Always do my weekly weigh-ins. My weigh-in for last week was only 2 lbs which is one of the lowest amounts i have ever lost in a week since i started, I think it's because the week before i lost 6 lbs and whenever i have a big loss the following week is always a small loss, that's just the way my body works. I'm hoping i have a Big loss this week since it's the last week in June. I was hoping to lose 20lbs this month but unless i lose 8lbs this week, that won't happen. 

I have changed my eating a little bit, i don't eat carbs or sugar, and everything i eat is low fat and low calorie, i have been eating alot of lean high protein meats like fish, chicken, and eggs, lots of vegetables and snacking on things like mixed nuts. I actually feel fuller on alot less calories eating this way, and my bodies getting all the vitamins it needs.  As far as exercising goes, and another reason i had a small loss last week, i haven't been walking everyday, i think i only walked about 3 miles all of last week and usually i do at least 14 miles a week (2 miles a day, everyday)....which mainly is just because i was having a bad week, one of those weeks where everyday seems to get worse than the day before and everything that can go wrong does. I need to get back into the routine of making time to walk everyday. 

I do believe that Losing weight MOSTLY depends on diet not exercise because you can workout for hours and eat those calories you burned in one meal, It's very hard to create a caloric deficit if your eating too many calories a day. most overweight people can't burn 1700-2000 calories a day, so losing a pound a day like on "the biggest loser" isn't achievable unless your exercising all day long.  So for me eating 1200 calories a day (of good highly nutritional food ) and getting plenty of exercise works. 

I have to remind myself that losing 84lbs is alot, because i still have so far to go, i don't really give myself credit for the first 80lbs, i think i will appreciate losing the next 80 more, because that will be the 80lbs that gets me into a normal healthier size weight. But i've come along way in a short time from where i was 84lbs ago and i just want to keep going. :)

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